Welcome To A Place Called Alamarra

Here You Will Find The World’s Best Complete Professional Crêpe And Gluten Free Mixes

The creators of Alamarra have traveled the world to develop and produce complete instant dry mixes that make consistently delicious fresh crêpes and waffles with nothing added but water.  Customers report that their customers from abroad rave that they have never had crêpes or waffles as good in their home countries. Many food service businesses rely upon the complete crêpe  and waffle mixes developed by Alamarra because they eliminate perishable ingredients and greatly simplify making consistent crêpes and waffles in commercial quantities.  Our customers also find that they cannot duplicate the wonderful taste and texture made possible by Alamarra mixes.

Alamarra crêpes and waffles are both soft and crispy with a superb taste and texture.  With Alamarra complete professional mixes, delicious fresh crêpes and waffles are easily made every time, anytime, and anywhere.  Our mixes contain only the finest ingredients including milk, eggs and margarine.  Our mixes do not contain any trans fats or preservatives.  The crepe and waffle batters are easily prepared by mixing any amount of mix with about the same amount of water.

One of Alamarra’s manufacturing facilities is dedicated to making gluten free mixes and already produces gluten free crêpe and waffle mixes.  The gluten free crêpes and waffles actually taste better than most other crêpes and waffles.  More gluten free products are being developed that include pancake mix, pie dough mix, onion ring breading mix , pita bread flour, and pizza dough flour.