Alamarra has sufficient people in reserve to maintain 100% of production should a flu affect some of our production personnel. Any employees who may have the symptoms of the flu or a bad cold are required to stay home until their symptoms are gone.

Physical contact with our mixes is always with nitrile gloved hands. When removed, the nitrile gloves are thrown away and replaced only with new gloves. Employees also wear dust filtering HEPA respirators when mixing and packaging our mixes. These respirators have the purpose of protecting lungs from ingredient particles suspended in the air and help prevent air born organisms from being exhaled into the atmosphere. The respirators are sprayed with disinfectant daily and stored in sealed container when not being used. Bottles of hand sanitizer are located throughout the facilities to be used often. Anyone using any of the restrooms are required to wash their hands with sanitizing soap before leaving.

Alamarra’s manufacturing facilities are off limits to the public. The only individuals who can enter the manufacturing facilities are Federal and State inspectors and our Kosher certifying Rabbi. These individuals are all required to sign in to the visitor book and list their address and phone numbers where they can be contacted. All other visitors are confined to the office area and not allowed into the manufacturing facilities.

All sealed packages of Alamarra mixes have a two year shelf life if stored in a dry environment that is at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.