Package Sizes

Crepe Mix Package Sizes

Alamarra offers 2 commercial size packages and 1 retail size package. The batch date and best used before date are printed on each label along with instructions, a list of ingredients, and Kosher certification.

50 Pound Net Weight Packages: The 50 pound bags have a plastic inner barrier with two outer layers of paper with the top of the bag sewn shut. The bags are fitted inside heavy duty 24″ X 14″ X 6″ cardboard boxes that are completely sealed.

10.5 Pound Net Weight Packages: Re-sealable heavy 3 mil polybags containing 10.5 net pounds of mix are fitted inside of heavy duty 12″ X 8″ X 6″ cardboard boxes that are completely sealed. These packages can be shipped individually, two taped together, or in four pack or six pack heavy duty cases. The entire contents of a 10.5 pound bag can be put into a large deep mixing bowl along with about two gallons of water to make a crêpe batter with the ideal viscosity.

The number of crêpes that can be made per crêpe size and package size:

Package Size
In Pounds
6″ Crêpes
No. of Crêpes
8″ Crêpes
No. of Crêpes
12″ Crêpes
No. of Crêpes
14″ Crêpes
No. of Crêpes
16″ Crêpes
No. of Crêpes
10.5 220 124 81 59 45
50 1047 589 385 283 217
Ladle Size 2 Oz 3 Oz 4 Oz 6 Oz 8 Oz

1 Pound Retail Package: Our retail packages are currently available in Original Style, Gluten Free Original Style, and Hungarian Style. They have a tear off heat sealed top with a zip lock for resealing the remaining contents. They are currently available through our website and at Heinen’s Fine Foods, Zagara’s Marketplace and NOW through Amazon.