Alamarra crêpe mixes are usually shipped via UPS Ground. We can quote UPS shipping costs and delivery dates to you at the time of your order. Alamarra adds 5% to the UPS charges to cover credit card transaction costs on shipping so that we are shipping neutral. We can use your UPS account number to ship and not charge the 5%.

UPS Ground shipment times vary between 3 days for the East Coast and five days for the West Coast. If needed, whole shipments or portions of shipments can be expedited using UPS 3 Day, 2 Day, or Next Day service. Expedited shipments through UPS are expensive so please avoid expedited shipments by planning ahead. UPS picks up and delivers shipments Monday through Friday only. 10.5 pound boxes are shipped individually or four per case or six per case. Orders via UPS will be shipped by the next business day.

To reduce your costs, Alamarra also ships 500 to 1500 pound skid loads via common carrier. Skid load discounts are available and common carrier shipments cost much less per pound. Skid load shipments require several days to obtain the additional ingredients and schedule into production. Common carrier shipments usually take fewer days to deliver than UPS.

Canadian customers will be required by the Canadian Government to have a designated broker at the port of entry. Alamarra will provide the required NAFTA and Commercial Invoice documents for Canadian customers.

All orders will be transacted on a credit card. Orders will be charged to the credit card just prior to shipment.