Gluten Free Original Crepe Mix - Five 16 ounce Packages



Alamarra gluten free Original Style Crêpe Mix is only slightly sweetened so that the crêpes can be served with entrée or dessert fillings. This mix makes a true French Parisian style crêpe au froment but replacing the froment (wheat flour) with gluten free ingredients. One cup of mix added to 2/3 cup of water will make a perfect batter. Trans-fat free, preservative free, soy products free, and GMO free. Each one pound (16 ounce) package can make 7 ten inch diameter gluten free crêpes. Every batch of gluten free mix is made and packaged in a gluten free facility and tested with an EZ Gluten test to assure less than 10 parts per million gluten.

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Weight 5 lbs