Crepe Cones

As a courtesy to our mix customers, Alamarra offers white paper crêpe cones at our cost. These cones are ideal for carry out venues and are designed to hold crêpes that have been folded into a cone shape. The mix customer price is effective for purchases of 50 pounds or more of mix. The hot crepes are usually wrapped in tissue before being inserted into the cones to provide better insulation when handing to the customer. Tissue can be obtained at restaurant supply stores as either red and white checkerboard or aluminized on one side. Some of our customers add their own private brand adhesive labels to the cones.

Cone Description Cones Per Box Mix Customer Price Non-Mix Customer Price
Tabbed Cone 500 $50.00 $60.00
6″ Pop Open 325 $44.00 $60.00
7″ Pop Open 325 $60.00 $75.00

The first style of crêpe cone is die cut and embossed stiff white paper that is 0.010 inches thick and has a shiny inside surface. These cones are tabbed and packaged in the flat and have to be assembled as shown below. The cones are packaged 500 per box. These cones will hold crepes as large as 15″.

Tabbed Crepe Cones

The second style of crêpe cone is made from heavy white paper 0.017 inches thick and has better insulating properties for holding fresh hot crêpes. We just improved the design of these cones to include a sealed tab at the bottom to prevent drips. The cone is simply squeezed to pop open and then the wrapped crêpe is inserted. These cones come in a 6″ opening size for crepes under 15″ in diameter and in a 7″ opening size for crepes over 15″ in diameter. Both the 6″ and 7″ cones are packaged in boxes containing 325 cones.

6 And 7 Inch Wide Opening Pop Open Paper Cones