Crepe Mixes

Alamarra produces complete crêpe mixes in seven international flavors and three gluten free flavors. Our instant complete crepe mixes produce light, crispy crepes with a delicious taste and authentic texture by just adding water. Commercial customers can call us for a free sample pack containing all seven flavors. Our mixes do not contain soy products, trans fats, preservatives, or GMO ingredients, and are certified Kosher.

Original Parisian (Crêpe Au Froment)
Alamarra Original Style Crêpe Mix is only slightly sweetened so that the crêpes can be served with entrée or dessert fillings. This mix makes a true French Parisian style crêpe au froment.

Hungarian (Palacsinta)
Alamarra Hungarian Crêpe Mix was developed from our family recipe and makes Palacsintas straight from Budapest, Hungary. The aroma from the cinnamon and vanilla is enticing! Hungarian crêpes are great with ice cream, Nutella, honey & lemon, fruit preserves, berries, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese.

Alamarra Golden Crêpe Mix includes vanilla along with more eggs and sugar. This mix makes an unbelievably rich and addictively delicious sweet crêpe. Golden crepes readily caramelize and are perfect for crêpes suzette.

Buckwheat (Galettes De Sarrasin)
Buckwheat (Galettes De Sarrasin) Crêpe Mix was developed after sampling the best galettes in Saint Malo, Brittany. This mix makes a true Brittany galette with a uniquely adictive flavor that is ideal for savory and full bodied entrée fillings.

Whole Wheat
Alamarra Whole Wheat Crêpe Mix is the result of much customer input. This mix is similar to the Original Style Crêpe MIx and can be served with either entrée or dessert fillings.

Alamarra Chocolate Crêpe Mix is the result of a long effort to perfect a crêpe with a luxurious rich chocolate flavor. Almost all desert fillings taste better with chocolate.

Alamarra Japanese Crepe Mix provides the light and sugary crepes that are so popular in Japan.