Crêpe Trowels

We provide free crepe batter spreading trowels to our customers. One 6″ or 7.5″ crêpe trowel is generally supplied for every 100 pounds of mix ordered. The trowel blades are made from 1/2″ maple dowel rod and make smooth work of spreading the batter. FDA approved 7.5″ Delrin trowels are also available to our mix customers for $12.00 each. The Delrin trowels are the same weight as the maple trowels and glide over the batter as they spread it on the griddle without tearing the crepe. Unless they are made as light as the maple trowels, metal trowels tend to tear the crepe as they spread the batter.

The 6″ trowel is ideal for 14″ and smaller griddles.
The 7.5″ trowels work well with the 16″ griddles.
Each trowel is a $9.00 value.

Additional Alamarra Crêpe Trowels can be ordered securely online at