Gluten Free Crepe Mix

Gluten-free crepes can be safely made by using a separate bowl for the the gluten-free batter, a separate ladle, a separate batter spreader in a separate bowl of water, and by wiping all debris from the griddle surface. Alamarra provides free batter spreaders with a red tipped handle. Alamarra has a separate gluten-free manufacturing facility to produce gluten-free crepe mixes and other commercial gluten-free products including a waffle/pancake mix.   We certify our mixes to contain less than five parts per million of gluten. Alamarra products labeled Gluten Free are batch tested in our quality control laboratory. We use a gluten assay test to confirm that our products are gluten free. None of our mixes contain soy products, trans fats, or preservatives. Our gluten free products are so good you will not be able to tell that they are gluten free!  They produce the same light and crispy texture coupled with an authentic delicious taste that is consistent with every batch. All of our mixes are Kosher certified.

Gluten-Free Original Style Crepe Mix
Alamarra Gluten-Free Original Style Crepe Mix is only slightly sweetened so that the crêpes can be served with entrée or dessert fillings. This mix makes a true Parisian style crêpe au froment but without wheat glutens.

Gluten-Free Golden Crepe Mix
Because of requests from our customers we are now offering a gluten-free Golden Crepe Mix.
This mix provides crepes with the same rich and delicious flavor as our Golden Crepe Mix but without any wheat glutens.

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Crepe Mix
Alamarra Gluten-Free Buckwheat (Galettes De Sarrasin) Crêpe Mix was developed after sampling the best galettes in Saint Malo, Brittany. This mix makes a true Brittany galette but without wheat glutens.

Celiac disease affects about five percent of the population. When wheat protein mixes with water it creates glutens. For those people who have celiac disease the glutens cause an auto immune reaction that attacks and damages the cilia in the small intestine. Alamarra caters to the dietary needs of those with gluten allergies with our strictly gluten free manufacturing facility.

Window Signs & Table Tents

Let your customers know that you can serve gluten free crepes that do not require any sacrifice in taste or texture. Click on the images below and download PDF versions of the 11 X 11 inch store front sign and 4 X 6 inch table tent that you can print on any color printer. Depending upon your browser, the PDF images that come up may have darkened titles that do not occur on the downloads. We also have professionally printed hard copies that are available free that we can mail to you.

Contact us for more information about our gluten free crepe mixes, request a free sample, or place an order today.