European Crêperies

We sampled crêpes from a number of crêperies in Europe to taste the various recipes and fillings available. We asked permission in each case to take photographs of the crêpery, its menu, what we ordered, and to post the information to the Alamarra website to give our customers more ideas on how to serve delicious crêpes.

The following European crêperies were visited:

Crêpes A GoGo in Paris, France

Chalet “La Vacherie” in Paris, France

Les Aigles In Paris, France

Peter Pancake In Brugge, Belgium

Het Wapen in Delft, Netherlands

The Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Pantry in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ice Cream Cafe Of Venice in Pulheim, Germany

Crêperie Le Biniou Of Saint Malo, Brittany

Crêperie Gallo Of Saint Malo, Brittany

Crêperie Chantal Of Saint Malo, Brittany

Crêperie Solidor Of Saint Malo, Brittany

Crêperie Grand-Mere Augustine Of Saint Malo, Brittany

About Saint Malo, Brittany