What is Alamarra?

Alamarra develops, manufactures, packages, and distributes the highest quality and best tasting complete quick non-perishable food mixes for restaurants and homes all over North America. Our retail products are trade marked “Cleveland Quick” since our quick instant mixes are manufactured in the Cleveland, Ohio area. All of Alamarra’s professional quality mixes require only water to make a complete batter for crepes, pancakes, waffles, and waffle cones. Many of our mixes simply require one cup of water for every cup of mix. All of Alamarra’s mixes are GMO free, preservatives free, trans-fat free, soy free, and have a shelf life of about two years. One of Alamarra’s facilities is dedicated to gluten free mix production and certifies that all of its gluten free mixes contain less than five parts per-million gluten.

From the Beginning

Larry Boros started Alamarra in 2002 based upon his grandmother’s recipe for Hungarian crepes called paliscinta. By first purchasing mixes made from his recipes, he grew the business by inventorying packaged mixes in a bedroom and then expanding inventory into the garage. Then finally, he expanded into three separate commercial facilities where the mixes are now manufactured and warehoused for shipping. Alamarra has been creating unique, timely, and consistent value to hundreds of commercial customers and countless retail customers all over North America now for more than fifteen years.

Who We Are

Alamarra has a team of exceptional and conscientious individuals who develop, produce, transact, promote, and directly ship mixes to customers who we all get to personally know over time. Larry’s wife, Markay, manages all of the finances and transactions. Hank Penko heads up production and shipping via UPS, FedEx, and common carrier. Johnny Shirk is our food science technician and develops and perfects our recipes. Roberta Pete does most of our retail packaging. If you call in for information, free commercial samples, or to place and order you will talk to one of us.

Alamarra’s facilities are routinely inspected by the Ohio Department Of Agriculture and by the Federal Food And Drug Administration. Alamarra has been told that it “runs a tight ship” on food quality procedures.

For Our Customers

We intend to update this blog on a weekly basis by sharing new recipes and links to other websites that are of value to the customers we serve.