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Crepes, Pancake, Waffle, And Waffle Cone Mixes

About Alamarra

At Alamarra, our mission is to produce the world’s best complete instant mixes that only require the addition of water to make a batter. Alamarra mixes are used by creperies, restaurants, coffee shops, wine shops, yogurt shops, ice cream shops, food trucks, theme parks, and well known institutions all over North America. Alamarra has separate facilities for wheat flour based mixes and for gluten free mixes. In addition to being made in a gluten free facility, every batch sample of gluten free mix is tested with an EZ Gluten test strip to eliminate any possibility of incoming ingredient contamination. Each resulting test strip is stored within each batch sample bag.

Instant Crepes mixes, Pancakes, Waffles & Waffle Cones mixes

Since 2002 Alamarra has made quality mixes for professional chefs and restaurants around the world.

Now these world class mixes are coming soon to your local supermarket!

Just add water to make perfect batter any time and every time! GMO Free, Preservatives Free, Trans Fats Free, And Soy Free. Gluten Free Options Available.