Welcome To A Place Called Alamarra

Here You Will Find The World’s Best Complete Professional Regular And Gluten Free Crêpe, Waffle, Pancake, And Waffle Cone Mixes

The creators of Alamarra have traveled the world to develop and produce complete instant dry mixes that make consistently delicious fresh crêpes with nothing added but water.  All of our mixes are made in our two facilities in Mentor, Ohio, U.S.A. and are Kosher certified and do not contain soy products, trans fats, preservatives, or GMO ingredients.

Alamarra crêpes are softer in the middle and crispier on the edges with a superb taste and texture. With Alamarra complete professional mixes, delicious fresh crêpes and waffles are easily made every time, anytime, and anywhere. Alamarra crepe and waffle/pancake batters are easily prepared by mixing any amount of mix with about the same amount of water. Our complete mixes contain only the finest ingredients including milk, eggs and margarine.

Our customers find that they cannot duplicate the wonderful taste and texture that are only made possible by Alamarra mixes. If you are not listed among the top five creperies on Yelp in your area, you are probably not using Alamarra mixes. Our customers report that their customers from all over the world rave that they have never had crêpes as good in their home countries.

One of Alamarra’s manufacturing facilities is dedicated to making gluten free mixes and already produces gluten free crêpe, waffle/panacake, and waffle cone mixes. The gluten free crêpes, waffles, and waffle cones actually taste better than all other crêpes, waffles, and waffle cones.

More gluten free products are being developed. Alamarra products labeled Gluten Free are batch tested in our quality control laboratory. We use a gluten assay test to confirm that our products are gluten free.

Alamarra professional crepe mixes provide major advantages over making crepe batters “from scratch”:
1. They eliminate the refrigeration of perishable ingredients.
2. Simplify purchasing and inventory management.
3. Have a one to two year shelf life.
4. Provide absolutely consistent results.
5. Mix instantly with a whisk.
6. No one hour delay to allow lumps to dissolve into the batter.
7. Ingredients cost to make fifty 15″ crepes from scratch is about $16.12 and labor costs for procurement, storage, staging, measuring, and mixing are an additional $15.00 for a total cost of $31.00 for fifty crepes.
8. A 10.5 pound box of Alamarra Original crepe mix costs $24.00 for fifty crepes.

Although the word “crêpe” is of French derivation, other nationalities throughout Europe have also enjoyed crêpes as part of their long time traditions. The Hungarians enjoy their “Palacsinta”, the Russians their “Blini”, the Italians their “Crespelle”, and the Greeks their “Kreps”. Each nationality has contributed its own flavors, fillings, toppings, and presentation to the widely diverse recipes that make crêpes so uniquely varied and international.