At Alamarra, our mission is to produce the world’s best complete instant mixes that only require the addition of water to make a batter. Alamarra mixes are used by creperies, restaurants, coffee shops, wine shops, yogurt shops, ice cream shops, food trucks, theme parks, and well known institutions all over North America. Alamarra has separate facilities for wheat flour based mixes and for gluten free mixes. In addition to being made in a gluten free facility, every batch sample of gluten free mix is tested with an EZ Gluten test strip to eliminate any possibility of incoming ingredient contamination. Each resulting test strip is stored within each batch sample bag.

Alamarra started in 2000 with the Boros family recipe for Hungarian crêpes (Palacsinta). The original recipe for the crêpe batter used eggs, milk, and butter that were very perishable and always required fresh purchases and refrigeration. So we decided to try using less perishable dry ingredients to duplicate the batter recipe. We wanted to develop an instant crêpe mix that had a long shelf life and only needed water to make a perfect crêpe batter. Through the methodical testing of many different combinations of dry ingredients, we successfully developed a dry mix recipe containing powdered eggs, powdered milk, and powdered margarine along with other ingredients that, when added to water, made a batter with the same taste and texture as the original batter recipe made from perishable ingredients. The mix was formulated to combine with an equal volume of water so that the batter making process is as simple as possible. One cup of mix is added for each cup of water!

We found the Hungarian Mix was wonderful for breakfast and dessert crêpes but a little too sweet for entrées. So we went through the testing process again and developed a Parisian “Original Style Mix” (OSM) that is only slightly sweetened and is addictively delicious for both entrée and desert crêpes. OSM was our first commercial product and remains our best seller today. Since introducing OSM, we added the Hungarian Mix along with a Buckwheat Mix, an egg rich Golden Mix, a Whole Wheat Mix, a Japanese Mix, a Chocolate Mix, and gluten free mixes to our commercial food service product offerings.

In January 2005, Alamarra entered the retail food product market with one and two pound retail packages of Parisian Original Style, Gluten Free Original Style, and Hungarian Paliscinta Crêpe Mixes. We also offer a two and one half pound retail package of gluten free pancake waffle mix. They are now sold through Amazon.


The common feature of all crêpes is that they are very thin because they are made from a batter without leavening agents such as yeast, baking powder, or bicarbonate of soda. Although the word “crêpes” is of French derivation, other nationalities throughout Europe have also enjoyed crêpes as part of their long time traditions. The Hungarians enjoy their “Palacsinta”, the Russians their “Blini”, the Italians their “Crespelle”, and the Greeks their “Kreps”. Each nationality has contributed its own flavors, fillings, toppings, and presentation to the widely diverse recipes that make crêpes so uniquely varied and international. We have recently added both wheat flour based and gluten free pancake waffle mixes and waffle cone mixes to our commercial product line.


We provide our customers with absolute consistency with each batch of mix. All ingredients are digitally weighed, staged, counted on the recipe batch log, double checked on the elevator, and added to the 800 pound capacity mixers. As a final check to make sure that each batch is made exactly to recipe, the resulting total mix weight is counted as it is packaged and has to add up to the total weight on the recipe log. This is a double check to assure that every batch is made exactly to its recipe without the chance of any mistake. A sample of each batch is stored for two years along with its recipe log. We record all ingredients information on each recipe batch log and record batch numbers on our copies of customer invoices so that we can trace every ingredient to every customer.


Alamarra guarantees the quality and consistency of each batch of its mixes and has a thirty day return policy on all unopened packages. The unopened shelf life is one to two years and all packages have a date code batch number. Alamarra Crêpe Mixes contain no soy products, trans-fats, preservatives, or GMO ingredients.


Alamarra is located in Mentor, Ohio just east of Cleveland along the south shore of Lake Erie. Alamarra donates about 10% of its income to the Lake County Ohio Dog Shelter, the Lake County Ohio Humane Society, the Ashtabula County Ohio APL, Soi Dog Rescue in Bangkok, and Elephant Rescue Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.