The following crêpe fillings and recipes will get you started in making mouth-watering crêpes. With Alamarra Professional Crêpe Mix, the preparation of delicious crêpes is quick and easy.

Alamarra’s Featured Crêpe Recipes:

Simple Ingredient Crêpe Recipes:

  • Nutella and honey and lemon juice
  • Nutella and strawberry jam
  • Nutella and apricot preserve
  • Apricot preserve and ricotta cheese
  • Apricot preserve and honey and lemon juice
  • Ricotta cheese and smoked salmon and dry dill
  • Apple butter and honey and lemon juice
  • Apple jelly and ricotta cheese
  • Apple jelly and honey and lemon juice
  • Honey and lemon juice

These crêpe recipes are just a small sample of those that are available. The following websites and links contain a treasure of crêpe recipes and fillings: