Persistence Pays Off

More than fifteen years ago my husband dreamed of starting his own business. Once he decided on making crepes and using his grandmother’s recipe, the rest was smooth sailing. NOT!!

The first thing he needed was persistence…that’s the first “P” word.

A few examples of bumps in the road……

The recipe was excellent, but needed to be reworked. He tried freeze-drying, but that failed. He decided to use all dry ingredients and after months of work had a recipe that needed just an equal amount of water to make our crepe batter.

He settled on a co-packer in Michigan. After just a few short months, the co-packer decided we were too small and we were asked to find another for our product. He did find another and they were less than twenty miles from our home.

He placed an order for a needed ingredient and was told that it was unavailable, due to an outbreak of the avian flu. A mad scramble ensued and a new supply was found. The bad news was the price would be three times higher than previously paid. OUCH!!

And so the highs and lows continued but persistence paid off.

Now we needed new products to help grow the options available to our customers. Products will be the second “P” word.

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