Buckwheat Crepe Mix




Alamarra Buckwheat (Galettes De Sarrasin) Crêpe Mix was developed after sampling the best galettes in Saint Malo, Brittany. This mix makes a true Brittany galette with a uniquely addictive flavor that is ideal for savory and full bodied entrée fillings. One cup of mix to one cup of water to make a perfect batter. Trans-fat free, preservative free, soy products free, and GMO free. A 10.5 pound package can make 47 fifteen inch diameter crêpes. A 50 pound package can make 246 fifteen inch crêpes. All Alamarra mixes are certified Kosher with a two year shelf life.

Additionally, our Gluten Free Buckwheat (Galettes De Sarrasin) Crêpe Mix makes the same true Brittany galette, but without wheat glutens.

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