The Rise Of New Flavors

As we gained new customers, they asked what other crepe mix flavors we offered. Some customers even had suggestions. How about a rich dessert crepe to use for a crepe suzette? Another suggestion was a Buckwheat crepe.

We have developed all our products as complete mixes. You just add water.

We added extra eggs and vanilla to the Original mix and it became our Golden mix. It makes a great dessert crepe. We added cinnamon and vanilla to the Original to make our Hungarian mix. Try it with apple filling and vanilla ice cream. Or my favorite…mascarpone cheese and maple syrup.

The Buckwheat crepe took some time. We made two trips to France to find a taste we liked. We went to St Malo in Brittany on the North Sea. It is an amazing old walled city with a creperie at every turn. We ate at different creperie for every meal. We found a taste we liked and duplicated it for our Buckwheat mix.

The Chocolate crepe was an endurance test. The first attempts failed. The batter tasted like chocolate, the crepe smelled like chocolate as it cooked. The crepe lost its chocolate taste from the heat of cooking. We tried over thirty different cocoas before we found the one that kept its great chocolate taste.

Our Whole Wheat and Japanese crepe mixes were developed from customer suggestions.

Then it was on to gluten-free crepes. We purchased a mixer that is totally dedicated to our gluten-free products. We had three food science students from Ohio State as summer interns. They helped us learn how to replace the gluten items in our mixes. It took some time to perfect the texture and taste. Our gluten-free products are so good….you can’t tell they are gluten-free. We now offer gluten-free Original, Golden and Buckwheat crepe mix.

We have regular and gluten-free Pancake and Waffle mix.

We also have gluten-free Waffle Cone mix in three flavors. We have Original, Chocolate and Gingerbread. They are so good, the ice cream is just the ‘icing’ on the cone!

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